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About Migdalor

Migdalor, an alternative investment house, was created out of the growing need to seek safe investments that are not aligned with the turbulent global stock and bond markets. Migdalor develops a wide range of investment products in a variety of platforms and fields. We allow our clients to build an optimal alternative investment portfolio while maintaining the return/risk ratio that suits their needs.

A wide range of alternative investment products

Migdalor serves our client base by building a range of alternative investment products that will diversify their investment portfolios. The products include a variety of investment platforms such as:

  • Real estate backed transactions in debt or equity tracks
  • Hedge funds
  • Low-risk funds that maximize return

Client-Centered Philosophy

The Migdalor concept is focused on serving client needs. The company will build the right alternative portfolio for you, with optimal distribution between different products and risk levels. Migdalor account managers will accompany you throughout the investment process and will provide you with warm personal service to your full satisfaction.

A combination of experience, knowledge and professionalism

Migdalor brings years of experience, extensive knowledge and professionalism to your portfolio management. This skill-set combination delivers both reliability and smart management of your investment needs to create maximize value.