The way we work

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Checking the entrepreneur and the project

Conduct due diligence on the entrepreneur and the project:

Examination of the entrepreneur’s liquidity and solvency

Analysis of the business plan

Comparison to similar projects in the region

Obtaining a feasibility study and building permits (when available)

Legal examination of the developer

Visit to the entrepreneur’s projects and offices and checking of references

Forensic examination

Performing a comprehensive legal examination:

Conducting due diligence of assets by a leading law office in the project environment

Managing the writing of a comprehensive set of agreements for the project

Establishing a trust account in Israel

Formulation of the full legal structure for the transaction

Creation of a plan for the protection and safety of the investment project

Financial inspection and control

Comprehensive financial inspection and control of the project and the transaction:

Financial feasibility study for the project

Arrangement of third-party accounting supervision

Commitment for the minimum equity of the entrepreneur in the project

Arrangement of waterfall payments

Agreement on a transaction model

Investment management

Current management of the investment:

Visit the property once every quarter

Production of quarterly reports for project investors

Accompanying the entrepreneur at all stages of the project, including joint signing of extraordinary expenses at/or above a defined amount for the project

Recruitment of a local management and supervision company for the purpose of overseeing the progress of the project

Participation of Migdalor in approvals of making material decisions during the project.

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